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Software Support

Complementary Support Services such as training, consultancy and on going support are readily available. These can be provided separately or to complement other Streatley services, thus providing a complete 'Streatley Software solution'.

Once your staff are up to speed and the system is fully implemented, we can provide on-going support. Each support contract is individually designed to match your needs; we can deliver anything from simple email support with software updates to a high level of on site support (or anything in between!).
Whatever your needs we will aim to provide the support services that will give you the most from your 'Streatley Software solution'.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Stock numbers cannot be re-used, why?

Answer: When a new stock record is abandoned the number is blocked from re-use because dataEssence stock numbers are allocated in strict sequence and another stock record could have been added and saved whilst you are in the process of setting up then abandoning the one you are looking at.

Question: How many records does our start-up data have?

Answer: We can confirm that this contains about 3,000 records with a mix of chemicals and NCS materials. It is not a definitive list but is intended to help get you started.

Question: How can I add a logo to my documents?

Answer: If it is the regulatory documentation (SDS etc) then you can add logos and other details in ‘Systems’ moving down to 'dataEssence System Parameters' and then 'Additional Values' tab. You will need to click the edit button to fill in your own information. If it is other documents then you need to use the Report Designer and should refer to the help files for more detailed instructions on this.

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