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Complementary Support Services such as training, consultancy and on going support are readily available. These can be provided separately or to complement other Streatley services, thus providing a complete 'Streatley Software solution'.

Software Support

Once your staff are up to speed and the system is fully implemented, we can provide on-going support. Each support contract is individually designed to match your needs; we can deliver anything from simple email support with software updates to a high level of on site support (or anything in between!).

Consultancy and Training

From help with designing your business processes and identifying the best solution right through to training you and your staff to get the most out of your investment, Streatley Software will help you to achieve results faster.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development provided by Streatley is backed by many years experience both with the technology and its application in industry.

Custom projects can be undertaken either as part of a dataEssence installation or to provide completely stand alone business solutions.

Datafile Accounts

Datafile is a unique range of adaptable business software products, produced by Datafile Software Ltd, which offer much more than just accounting. They will support every part of your operation and provide the management information so vital to business today. The key to this lies in Datafile's unique open user definable databases -screens and reports can be easily modified, which enables Datafile to work the way you work and to adapt as your company grows or changes.

In addition, Datafile can be linked to dataEssence to share key information, avoid duplication of effort and minimise the risk of errors.

Whatever your needs we will aim to provide the support services that will give you the most from your 'Streatley Software solution'.

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