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Datafile is a unique range of adaptable business software products, produced by Datafile Software Ltd, which offer much more than just accounting. They will support every part of your operation and provide the management information so vital to business today. The key to this lies in Datafile's unique open user definable databases -screens and reports can be easily modified, which enables Datafile to work the way you work and to adapt as your company grows or changes.

Datafile comes in four upwardly compatible product levels to suit every size of business, from Datafile Compact designed for the small business where accounting needs are straight forward right up to Datafile Premier, their top of the range product, which brings a new dimension to management information systems allowing you to modify and restructure it to suit your operations.

In addition, Datafile can be linked to dataEssence to share key information, avoid duplication of effort and minimise the risk of errors.

Datafile modules cover not only Sales, Purchase, Nominal Ledgers and Cashbook, as you would expect with accounting software but also Order Processing, Invoicing, Batch Control and many more. In addition implementation and tailoring can be provided as required, ensuring that Streatley provides you with the most benefit from your Datafile solution, thus making sure you have a solution that is as individual as you are. Streatley and Datafile have worked with contract catering, engineering and process manufacturing companies, developing a custom solution to the unique challenges within those industries.

Examples of where Streatley and Datafile have worked together to deliver added value to businesses such as yours:

Contract catering –

Streatley developed caterlyst, the contract catering modules using Datafile, which addresses the specific accounting issues of this industry. These modules integrate seamlessly with the standard Datafile modules and deliver accurate and timely management information so crucial to the successful running of the business.

Engineering companies –

Streatley have helped companies in the engineering sector with customising Datafile to fit their business systems. For instance, by linking their time recording software to the payroll thereby reducing the time spent producing their weekly payroll and increasing accuracy and also creating a Gauge Calibration System along with a number of other unique reports and records specific to this company. Changes were also made to the standard order processing and stock control modules to create menus that mirrored their workflow.

Chemical companies –

Streatley installed a fully integrated order processing and accounting system into a chemicals and ingredient company. The installation was modified to their unique specifications and this has, in turn, helped them to deliver an excellent level of service to their customers - “ in 2006, over 99% of deliveries were on time and in full”.

Process Manufacturing companies –

Datafile can be linked so that (for example) sales invoices produced in your core business system (such as dataEssence, the product of choice for the process manufacturing company) can be directly imported into Datafile and thereby avoiding duplication of effort and reducing keying errors.

More than 7,500 users of Datafile Systems, in businesses of all sizes, can testify to its effectiveness. This includes names like EMI's Abbey Road Studios, The Children's Society, The Environment Agency, Tie Rack plc, TVR Cars and Shell Bitumen

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Datafile modules cover the following key areas

  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Cashbook
  • Fixed Assets
  • Stock Control
  • Bill of Materials
  • Batch / Serial Number Control
  • Invoicer
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Back to Back Orders
  • Call Off Orders
  • Job Costing
  • Automatic Invoice Generator
  • Batch Updating Utilities
  • Profiler Application Generator
  • Foreign Currency
  • Payroll
  • EC Intrastat
  • EDI
  • ODBC

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