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uppliers and Purchase Order Processing

Details of products, pricing and supplier information are held against each supplier within dataEssence thus allowing purchase orders to be raised. This allows not only individual pricing and coding details but also the recording of material approvals and the automatic production of the material specifications. All purchase orders are based on an individual price list for each supplier with the ability to record the supplier’s own coding and descriptions. Multiple prices can also be recorded for each product to reflect any special terms or quantity breaks. dataEssence can display all the potential suppliers and historic purchase orders to help in the choice of supplier for the next order.

Features include:

  • Control over who supplies you with which raw materials and at what prices
  • Add, amend and delete details of suppliers of materials and products
  • Ability to store Windows documents against each supplier and each purchase order
  • Multiple prices per material or product bought per supplier
  • Records the suppliers’ stock code in addition to the dataEssence stock code
  • Automated generation of the appropriate batch and stock transactions
  • Automatic updating of all the appropriate stock levels
  • Optional back to back sales and purchase orders
  • Full and part deliveries
  • Printing, email and saving of sales order documents
  • Recording of supplier invoice numbers against items
  • Recording of added delivery costs on receipts
  • Reflection of added costs in batch costs
  • Purchase order returns for unacceptable deliveries
  • Comprehensive viewing of relevant management information including Purchase History for Each Supplier and Alternative Suppliers

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In summary, dataEssence

  • Delivers the competitive advantage necessary for SME’s to win in the global market.

  • Automatic production of all the documents you need, when you need them.

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