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Briefs and Submissions, Applications and Evaluations

These modules provide real benefits in the initial part of the sales cycle by managing the sales projects / briefs and then recording the submissions to clients. The selection of submissions is accelerated by the formulation library thus allowing much faster and more appropriate client responses. The management of existing and prospective clients is improved by the integrated contact manager resulting in better sales opportunities.

The Sales Cycle

All sales activities start with a customer brief which will be as a result of either direct / indirect sales activity or from existing customers. dataEssence allows Sales to log these enquiries and produce suitable internal documentation to trigger the evaluation phase.

As formulations are developed and tested the company is building a vast library of fragrances and flavours supported by test data. These libraries can be used with the dataEssence search facilities to enable customer briefs to be answered more quickly. dataEssence will allow the evaluators to quickly identify formulations which may satisfy the requirements (both the type and application area). Those that may be reserved for any particular customers can, if required, be excluded from this selection process.

Once the submissions are identified dataEssence allows these to be logged and the appropriate customer document, address label and sample bottle labels are produced. Normally the documents will use a unique sample number, which is raised automatically at submission time, rather than the internal development number. This unique number ensures that the internal formulation number is kept confidential and allows the same formulation to be resubmitted to other customers or even the same customer at a later date. All the customer will see is the unique sample number allocated each time.

Because all the briefs are being logged, progress and action reports can easily be produced covering such issues as:

  • Who made enquiries this month?
  • Which briefs must we answer this week?
  • What types of products are of most interest?
  • Which briefs have been returned and should be followed up?
  • Which sales are we winning?
  • In which areas are we losing business?

The client gets a quicker more detailed response, duplicate work is avoided and business opportunities are not missed. Additionally, valuable management information is available to help in strategic market analysis and planning.

Features include:

  • Improved management of the sales cycle
  • Comprehensive search facility by brief number or from a list of submissions
  • Record details of each submission: sample size, dose, sales price, application etc
  • Unique client number for each submission
  • View evaluations of the product
  • Record customer feedback against your submissions
  • Client-definable list of areas of application with sub-divisions
  • Client-definable list of characteristics or notes
  • Separate evaluations for different application areas
  • Fragrance / flavour profile with primary and secondary characteristics
  • Search based on many criteria including: cost, application area and characteristics
  • Comprehensive viewing of relevant management information

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If you have any questions about dataEssence or would like to see a demonstration, please contact us

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"Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them."
W. Edwards Deming

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In summary,

  • improve sales opportunities by getting your samples in front of your customers faster than the competition.

  • no more missed opportunities or having to develop ‘duplicates’ because you couldn’t find a formulation that you think you developed some years ago!

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