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dataEssence...the software product of choice for flavour, fragrance and essential oils companies worldwide

Designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of the flavour, fragrance and essential oil industries and based on over 25 years experience in your industry, it will deliver a solution to address the specific needs of your business. Our innovative technical skills ensure that dataEssence delivers the performance you need for today's competitive business world but at a realistic price.

dataEssence is a modular system and as such is fully scaleable, so giving you the flexibility to buy as many of the modules (and user licences) as your business requires and increase this as the needs of your business grow.

Many aspects of dataEssence screens, databases, reports and documents can be tailored by you to meet the initial and evolving needs of your business, but we can also provide more extensive tailoring or integration with your existing systems if required.

Following publication of the IFRA 49th Amendment, we have now incorporated the changes in our software and our customers are being updated to the new standard. dataEssence customers will now be able to see the results of both the (current) IFRA 48th Amendment calculation and also the IFRA 49th Amendment calculation during the transition period, allowing them to compare the results of both.

The rich functionality of the product is supported by the high level of security you need to protect your vital data and powered by a high performance multiuser database that delivers the speed to keep pace with your business.

dataEssence delivers benefits in the following key business areas:

Research and Development

You create, and let dataEssence do the rest...

Whether you are working with flavours, fragrances or essential oils, these modules provide an integrated suite of tools to address the needs of the formulator and to develop and maintain your formulations, enabling users to create GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Labels and transport documentation, including support for the IFRA 49th amendment; the automated regulatory and status calculations and documentation will be especially appreciated by those of your staff who produce these manually.

Sales & Marketing

dataEssence provides real benefits in the initial part of the sales cycle by managing the sales projects / briefs and then recording the submissions to clients.

Business Systems

The primary objective of the business systems modules is to provide your business with the management information and operational tools necessary to satisfy your clients' needs in the most profitable and productive way. These fully integrated modules will manage inventory and batches through user definable control reports and powerful sales and purchase ordering systems:

dataEssence Business is the complete solution for your formulating business needs, from sales enquiry to invoice. It will enable you to manage R&D, stock, batches, manufacturing, sales and purchase order processing.

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Our Solutions

dataEssence Solo delivers the key elements that an independent formulator (or indeed a small division of a large company!) might need. Whether you are working with flavours, fragrances or essential oils, dataEssence SOLO provides an integrated suite of tools to address the needs of the formulator to develop and maintain your formulations, to create GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Labels and transport documentation, including support for the IFRA 49th amendment. Tell me more.

dataEssence Enterprise is a multi-user system aimed at small to medium sized companies with more complex requirements. The Enterprise edition will give you the key aspects of the software that the SOLO software package provides with a few important upgraded additions to cover all of the following areas and with the ability to add more modules and users as required. Tell me more.

dataEssence Business. We have bundled together our most popular modules to give you the tools necessary to run your business (excluding accounting); from sales enquiry to invoice it will enable you to manage formulations, stock, batches, manufacturing, sales and purchase order processing and will also address your regulatory compliance needs. Tell me more.


More Reasons to Choose dataEssence

  • Create SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for flavours, fragrances and essential oils.

  • Regular software updates to maintain your regulatory compliance.

  • Saves time and improves accuracy by helping perfumers, flavourists and formulators to develop new formulations.

  • Enter and manage the stock codes required for use in raw materials and your formulations; keep thousands of formulas in a compact, easy to search system, with lots of user friendly tools to help manage your raw materials, ingredient lists and complex formulations.

  • Duplicate work is avoided and business opportunities are not missed.

  • Translate your SDS and labels into over 50 languages, using our interface with the Microsoft Translator API and store the information in your dataEssence library, with the ability to edit stored phrases should they need changing.

  • Multi-User and multi-location software solution; securely share key product and application data across your locations worldwide.

  • Report and form designers enable you to customise your solution to your individual needs.

  • Link to other business systems for seamless integration.

  • Links to MAPI compliant email software to provide email capability to get your documents to your customers and suppliers faster whilst saving you money.

  • Data stored in Microsoft SQL Server, making your data easy to access and located on your PC or server, putting you in control of data security.

  • dataEssence has fully met the Windows Client and SQL Server 2008 criteria for the Microsoft "Platform Tests for ISV Solutions" and the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Test.

To find out more about dataEssence and how it can benefit your flavour, fragrance or essential oil business please call us on +44 (0) 333 242 0804, or email us at

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