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orks Orders and Automated Production

Products may be manufactured for stock or linked to a specific sales order item. Prior to raising full works orders, dataEssence can display or print trial works orders to indicate any potential shortages. These reports are based on the information held within stock control combined with the details of the formulations. For each order, the user can specify the batches to be used (where batch tracking is in operation) or allow batches to be automatically allocated by dataEssence. Details of the batches to be used are printed on the Works Order (WO) documentation and material usage is recorded in the stock system.

The raw materials for works orders are listed in the order in which they should be prepared and mixed thus ensuring that the compounder can work in the most efficient way. Additionally, any special mixing or safety instructions are clearly printed on the Works Order. Once the Works Order has been completed the QC details for this batch can be recorded against the product.

dataEssence recognises that the yield for any given product can vary slightly from batch to batch and that the manufacturing process required for some formulations will expect much less than 100 % yield of the finished product. This is one key area where the flavour and fragrance industry varies from other manufacturing companies. The completed quantity is 'as produced' and the raw materials 'as used' - dataEssence does not re-proportion the usage as a traditional computer manufacturing product would.

Features include:

  • Create WO’s either back to back against sales order items or for stock
  • Comprehensive works order search facilities with Excel save feature
  • Automatic adjustment for yield quantities – total or WO items
  • Optional warehouse location for manufacture
  • Packaging details and comments on each WO
  • Optional expansion of bases & sub formulas within WO’s
  • Optional automatic generation of auto production instruction file
  • Automated generation of all the appropriate batch and stock transactions
  • Automatic adjustment transactions for over/under manufacturing and yields
  • Automatic updating of all the appropriate stock levels
  • Comprehensive viewing of relevant management information

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In summary, dataEssence

  • Understands your business; a system designed with formulating companies for formulating companies and includes manufacturing losses, yields and full batch tracking.

  • Automatic production of all the documents you need, when you need them.

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