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ormulating & Regulatory

These modules provide an integrated suite of tools to address the needs of the formulator from formulation design through to automated calculation of regulatory issues – including GHS/CLP, IFRA & FEMA Compliance - and the production of the appropriate documents, delivering real time savings for your company. This also includes the automated calculation of status for formulations, e.g. “is it organic?”. In addition you can define many different formulation screening scenarios, which can be used to check the formulation against specific client requirements or preferences which are outside of the normal regulatory issues. Multi-level formulations can be quickly and accurately manipulated – it will even track formulation history for you.... you create and let dataEssence do the rest!

Your Ideal Assistant...

The objective of dataEssence in the laboratory is to provide the perfumer or flavourist with a tool that frees their creative skills from the burden of time-consuming and repetitive tasks. dataEssence is therefore an ideal assistant - happy to handle the boring tasks quickly and efficiently without interfering in the creative work!

In the laboratory dataEssence saves time and improves accuracy by assisting perfumers, flavourists and formulators to develop new formulations, either from scratch or based on existing formulations, and has been designed to work the way a flavourist or perfumer would work. dataEssence allows the user to select from a list of raw materials or other formulations and build up new formulations step by step whilst also handling the regulatory and screening requirements.

dataEssence will provide the total cost per Kg whatever the total of the items and a global re-costing option is available to update the formulation costs in line with the current raw material costs.

Where a formulation is used as a base or a solution, it can be flagged within dataEssence and will remain intact.

Optional features include the ability to handle distillations and virtual formulations. A number of reports, including trial works orders, specification sheets and safety data sheets can be produced for reference and also as instructions for the production of samples in the laboratory.

Features include:

  • Separate Development and Active (Live) formulation code ranges
  • Add new formulations and amend, delete or copy existing formulations
  • Expand bases and formulations within a formulation, consolidate the items
  • Rationalise item quantities to any given volume, typically 100 or 1000
  • Average, latest & forward costs calculated from the items in the mix
  • Virtual formulations for use when the mixture is not equal to the sum of its parts, for example: with spray drying and process formulations
  • Regulatory issues such as GHS/CLP, IFRA and FEMA Compliance can be calculated for an individual formulation or re-calculated for all formulations
  • Screening, inclusive and exclusive to handle any additional constraints
  • Banded mixes to obscure information which needs to be shown in SDS section 3
  • Print a Trial Works Order for any volume
  • Print specification, SDS and labels
  • Track the development process with full formulation history
  • Ability to store Windows documents against each stock code
  • Comprehensive viewing of relevant management information

Contact us for a complete list of features.


If you have any questions about dataEssence or would like to see a demonstration, please contact us

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In summary,

  • Automated calculation of key regulatory issues and production of the appropriate documents – incl. GHS/CLP, IFRA & FEMA.

  • Automatic calculation of status for formulations, e.g. “is it organic?”.

  • Incorporate many different formulation screening scenarios – excellent for checking out client requirements or preferences that are outside of the normal regulatory issues.

  • Create and manipulate multi-level formulations quickly and accurately – it will even track formulation history for you!

  • More efficient compounding by rationalising and consolidating formulations for you in seconds.

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