dataEssence Enterprise;

dataEssence Enterprise is a high-performance software product which is aimed at small to medium sized companies with more complex requirements and multi-user capability. The Enterprise edition will give you the key aspects of the software that the SOLO software package provides with a few important upgraded additions to cover all of the following areas and with the ability to add more modules and users as required:

At the core of dataEssence is the powerful, feature rich, formula development system. This provides the essential tools to address the needs of the formulator and to develop and maintain your formulations. The automated regulatory & status calculations and documentation will be especially appreciated by those of your staff who currently produce these manually.

In summary, dataEssence Enterprise

  • Helps SME’s compete in the global market.

  • Understands your business; a system designed with formulating companies for formulating companies. Capable of handling manufacturing gains and losses, yields and full batch tracking.

  • Flexible enough to help you respond to the ever-increasing demands of your customers, including issues like labelling and the emailing of documents.

  • Protects your intellectual property (formulations) and your commercial terms.

  • Automated production of all the documents you need, when you need them.

  • Create a supplier list with one supplier name allocated to each product, helping you to identify where each of your raw materials come from.

  • Report and Screen Designer which gives you the ability to customise your software allowing you to make changes to the screens and reports.

  • dataEssence Enterprise is multi-user and comes with 2 users as standard, giving you 2 concurrent users so that you can have any 2 members of staff logged on at any one time. If you need additional users, these can be added as your business requires.

To find out more about dataEssence and to discuss your requirements, please call +44 (0)118 929 8216, email or contact us.

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Formulation Design


Works Orders

Batch Tracking

...and much more