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dataEssence Enterprise;

dataEssence Enterprise is a high-performance software product which is aimed at small to medium sized companies with more complex requirements who also require multi-user capability. This software package comprises (with the ability to add more modules as required) :

  • Formulations & Regulatory
  • SDS & Labels
  • Stock Maintenance
  • Report and Screen Designer
  • Applications and Evaluations
  • System Manager
  • Backup Manager Accessory
  • In summary, dataEssence

    • Delivers the competitive advantage necessary for SME’s to win in the global market.

    • Understands your business; a system designed with formulating companies for formulating companies and includes manufacturing losses, yields and full batch tracking.

    • Flexible enough to help you respond to the ever-increasing demands of your customers, including issues like labelling and the emailing of documents and all those awkward customer audit questions.

    • Protects your intellectual property (formulations) and your commercial terms.

    • Automated production of all the documents you need, when you need them.

    If you have any questions about dataEssence or would like to see a demonstration, please contact us.

    Formulations & Regulatory

    At the core of dataEssence is the powerful, feature rich, formula development system. This provides the essential tools to address the needs of the formulator and to develop and maintain your formulations. The automated regulatory & status calculations and documentation will be especially appreciated by those of your staff who currently produce these manually.

    Key Features:
    • Calculation of key regulatory issues - FEMA, IFRA, GHS / CLP.
    • Saves time and improves accuracy by assisting perfumers, helping flavourists and formulators to develop new formulations.
    • Keep thousands of formulas in a compact, easy to search system, with lots of user friendly tools to help manage your raw materials, ingredient lists and complex formulations.
    • Create and manipulate multi-level formulations.
    • Track the development process with full formulation history.
    • Virtual formulae, to handle the regulatory issues of “process formulations” and spray drying.
    • Rationalise and consolidate your formulations for efficient compounding.
    • Provide the total cost per Kg whatever the total of the items.
    • Where a formulation is used as a base or a solution, it can be flagged and will remain intact.
    • Reports, including trial works orders, specification sheets and safety data sheets.
    • Automated calculation of status for formulations, e.g. “is it organic?”.
    • User defined formulation screening scenarios.

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    SDS & Labels

    You can author, manage and track the supply of labels and the safety and technical documents for the Safety Data Sheets, IFRA Conformity certificate, Allergen Analysis and Ingredient Declarations for labels.

    Report and Screen Designer

    In dataEssence Enterprise, the user definable report and form designer gives you the ability to customise your software allowing you to make changes to the screens and reports.

    Applications and Evaluations

    This module will allow you to evaluate your formulation and note its characteristics when used in a variety of applications. As formulations are developed and tested your company is building a vast library of fragrances and flavours supported by test data, which you can search when answering briefs.

    Key Features:
    • Optimise your formulator’s time.
    • No more missed opportunities or developing duplicates.
    • Search based on many criteria including: cost, application area and characteristics.
    • Fragrance / flavour profile with primary and secondary characteristics.
    • Client-definable list of areas of application with sub-divisions.
    • Record the result of the evaluation.
    • Separate / Multiple evaluations possible for each area.

    Stock Maintenance

    This module will enable you to enter and manage the stock codes required for use in raw materials and your formulations.

    Key Features:

    • Comprehensive search facilities with Excel export.
    • Average, latest and forward costs.
    • Minimum stock levels & period usage.
    • Full user control over the NCS breakdowns.
    • Variable QC tests for each stock code.
    • Packing, transport & labelling information.

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    System Manager

    The System and Utility manager provides controlled access to the following features:

    • View current system users and system log of all key actions within dataEssence.
    • Edit System and user parameters.
    • Maintain regulatory, security and support tables.
    • Setup and run automated reports.
    • Update foreign currency costs based on exchange rates.

    Backup Manager Accessory

    Powerful yet easy to use backup & restore system providing single click full backups and restores of the dataEssence database. An essential addition to the system, so you can be confident that your precious data is safely backed up in the event of a problem.

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