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Custom Software

If you have a specific requirement which cannot be handled through a standard software package, talk to us about how we could enhance your systems so that they more accurately reflect your business processes.

Complementary Support Services such as training, consultancy and on going support are readily available. These can be provided separately or to complement other Streatley services, thus providing a complete 'Streatley Software solution'. Custom Software Development provided by Streatley is backed by many years experience both with the technology and its application in industry.

Custom projects can be undertaken either as part of a dataEssence or Datafile installation or to provide completely stand alone business solutions.

Typical stand alone projects have been as diverse as

  • warehouse management
  • engine test data system
  • pension fund management
  • marketing systems.
We have also provided solutions which are fully integrated with Datafile to address specific requirements in industries such as contract catering, engineering, chemical and process manufacturing.

Streatley has developed significant skills over many years in DOS, Pascal and dBASE however most current developments are multi user Windows/SQL based solutions using Delphi and Oracle / SQL Server.

As well as providing custom development services we can also provide the initial consultancy to help identify the most viable technology solution. This ensures that Streatley can provide you with a complete solution from concept through to delivery.

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