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Consultancy and Training

Complementary Support Services such as training, consultancy and on going support are readily available. These can be provided separately or to complement other Streatley services, thus providing a complete 'Streatley Software solution'.

From help with designing your business processes and identifying the best solution right through to training you and your staff to get the most out of your investment, Streatley Software will help you to achieve results faster

Depending upon your current level of expertise and the results that you wish to achieve, our training courses are tailored to accurately reflect your requirements and address your areas of need.

Once the initial training has been delivered and you have been using the systems for a while, you may also find it beneficial to have additional training to further enhance your knowledge of the software and get even more from your investment. We can deliver our training in as little as half a day or as many days as you need to achieve your objectives and they can either take place at your place of work or at our offices in Pangbourne. We can offer training either on a one-to-one basis or for groups of individuals. Contact us with your learning requirements.

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